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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the date for Eid this year? InshaAllah Eidul Fitr falls on 30th September 2008 this year.
  2. What are your wholesale prices for greeting cards and other merchandise? Please click Wholesale prices.
  3. Can I order custom imprinting for my cards? Yes, please click custom imprinting for prices and time frame.
  4. I am not in USA. Would you ship the order to other countries? Yes we ship to our worldwide clientele, please check the link.
  5. What is the minimum number of cards that I can order? You may order as many as you want. You do get the discount as the quantity goes up.
    Look at bulk prices.
  6. Can I mix and match the Eid Greeting cards in my order for 25 cards? Yes you may mix and match the designs. If discount does not work then please call 800 241 2704
  7. How many days are needed to receive the order? In Ramadan all orders are processed the same day if received before 3PM. Normally it goes the next day.
    If it is custom imprint order then it might take minimum 4 days to ship.
  8. Do you provide envelopes with the cards? Yes all cards come with envelops.
  9. Within how many days should the order be returned in case I am not satisfied with the product? Please check our return policy.
  10. Can I download and copy the cards and other artworks? No as all work is copy righted. If you contact and
    if there is a valid reason, permission may be granted.
  11. Can I choose more than one greeting when I order cards with custom imprinting? Yes you may choose your own designs but be careful about the format of the design.
    Either all horizontal cards should be chosen or all verticals.
    As printer charges twice for different set up. If you have further doubt call toll free 1 800 241 2704
  12. How can I pay for the merchandise with MO/ personal checks Please write the check or issue the MO in the company name-your true greetings and
    mail the same day you place the order on the internet or phone.
    And inform that it has been mailed.
    Orders will not be processed until payment received.
  13. Is there any faster method of receiving the order available? Yes. If requested and paid for we do send packages by UPS next day
    or Fedex or express delivery by USPS.
  14. What is the size of the regular cards? It is 5/7 folded.
  15. Can Your True Greetings design for me a new card with new design? Yes. But the additional charge would be added for custom design and
    even the cost could be doubled as printer charge more for lesser quantity.
  16. Can I order back issues of the Islamic calendars? Yes you may. But we are out of stock on some of them
    Please check Islamic Calendars.
  17. Can the color of the tiles be changed? Yes. We can work in photoshop to match to your requirements.
    But results vary. Some look fine and some dont.
    If you approve then only we process the order.
    But there is extra charge for this custom request. Call 1 800 241 2704 for inquiry.
  18. Can I request imprinting my order in Arabic or other language? Yes. We try our best to satisfy the customer. If you send camera ready work
    in your required language, imprinting can be done at no extra charge.
    We can help you only with Arabic, Urdu and Hindi language with little extra charge.
  19. Do you drop ship the orders? Yes we may with extra charge. Call 1 800 241 2704